WP1: Coordination (Leader: José Boaventura Cunha, INESC TEC)

WP2: Sensors development (Leader: Suna Timur, EGE)

WP3: Laboratory evaluation + semi-practical scale testing (Leader: Klara Löfkvist, RISE)

WP4: Greenhouse recycle (Leader: Francisco Millán, RITEC)

WP5: Cascade reuse (Leader: Susana Carvalho, FCUP)

WP6: Open fiel study (Leader: Aslihan Kerç, SUEN)

WP7: Demonstration, dissemination and communication (Leader: Jos Balendonck, WUR)



The Work Package (WP) description takes into account the partners expertise and knowledge to select leaders for a specific WP and tasks therein. The overall project is splitted in seven WP, where each case study defines a different WP, since separate and focused attention is needed. The project will be coordinated (WP1) by INESC TEC-PT responsible for financial and administrative management, with a strict follow-up to monitor the involvement of stakeholders and task accomplishments. EGE University-TR will lead WP2 on sensor research and development and will take the role as task leader for the biosensor. INESC TEC-PT will lead the task on fiber optics based NPK sensor. Both sensors will be tested and validated under controlled and defined laboratory conditions (Task RISE-SE) as well as at semi-practical scale conditions, where also demonstration of both sensors for Northern European high-tech greenhouse production will take place (Task WUR-NL), under the lead of RISE-SE (WP3). Both sensors will also be demonstrated in the 3 case studies at practical scale in Southern Europe. In all tests and demos, SMEs, end-users and water boards will be involved. Besides, dissemination and communication activities towards local stakeholders will be undertaken. The SME RITEC-ES will lead the demo (WP4) in Spain with focus on the use of the NPK sensor for the new robust optimal fertigation controller to be developed by INESC TEC-PT (task leader) in soilless grown crops in greenhouses by using recycling techniques. The FCUP-PT will conduct a demo in Portugal using a cascade system in which free drained irrigation water from a greenhouse is being reused for an outdoor crop (WP5). SUEN-TR, together with the EGE-Spin-off (EGE-LS-TR) will conduct a demo in Turkey for outdoor crops (WP6). WUR-NL will coordinate all demonstration and communication activities undertaken in all case areas, including the exchange of experiences of good practices among partners and stakeholders (WP7). SUEN-TR will perform herein the task of linking dissemination to the national and European policy aspects.